Finola’s needs are ever changing. In order to meet her needs funds have to be available for whatever requirements lay ahead.
Finola having had a bad start to life, Abgar score of zero upon birth, resulted in damage to the brain which affected Finola’s physical/ motor/ learning and speech development. This resulted in Cerebral Palsy – spastic quadriplegia with dystonic element.

When she was 4 years old, I, as her mother, realised that our UK systems (Health) could not always supply necessary equipment to help and improve the quality of life for these children. At that time I was trying to obtain an electric wheelchair for Finola as it was clear to the professionals that Finola would need assistance with mobility for the rest of her life.

I decided, after having consulted with her therapists, that if I waited for the ‘system’ to deliver that Finola would in all probability not receive her wheelchair/ independence until she was at least 7 years old, possibly older – this to my mind was unacceptable. I decided, with the support of my work colleagues from Invergordon Distillers, to do something about it and raise the funds….

Since that date it has become very obvious that if you are to have choice of therapy/ equipment and very importantly freedom, to improve the quality of life for the individual, then self funding is the key word.